"Lotus Flower"

Lotus Flower

This is my first post after renewed this blog with deleted all old articles, but i can still read them on Google Reader ><. Well, I want make a difference then before (it is like a lot of broken heart stories in there). The difference will be like: writing articles in English, to improve my English skill and adding more pictures that i took with my camera, so I can share it with my friends. Of course, I’ll write stories based on the pictures. I hope my pictures and stories is interesting to follow. You can tell me feedback or comments for my future development.

I really like the beauty of flower, they’re so colorful, right? So, I always excite if i saw flower, if i had a chance then I took it with my camera. The picture above was digging from my flower picture collection and was uploaded in mtpc000 blog.

Here is the thing, sometimes man shows their affection to a woman by flowers and maybe she accept the flowers happily (but it depend on who’s the giver ><. Nope just kidding, I’m personally happy if there somebody give me flowers).

So, I’d like to share the picture, because their beautiful. Even though i have low skill on taking and retouching the picture, still… their very beautiful.

Below is some of my flower pictures and i didn’t know some of flower name except the Lotus and the Rose.

"Rose Flower" flower3

flower2 Red Purple Flower

Purple Lotus Flower

Isn’t their beautiful?
Maybe next time I will upload another flower pictures. Sorry, if my writing doesn’t good.