I admit that i failed to keep this baby. It came so sudden, when she miawed in the edge of the road below the rainy sky, looked wet and dirty. So,I grabbed it home, bathed and dried her hair. “Oh my god, such a weak creature” i thought, then i gave her some milk. i bought her some food, but she ate a bit. How could she survived if she didn’t eat. She didn’t get along yet with a new environment, so she kept miawing. On the second day, Thanks God! She looked healthy and active. But then again, she didn’t want to eat the food. I was worried.

Too bad, i couldn’t watch over her in 8 hours, because i had to go to work. In the fifth day, i found that she is lying stiff in the cage. How shock and sad I was. I couldn’t believe that i lost her.

Oh my dearest miu-miu. I’m sorry, i couldn’t keep you longer.